Mathematics Projects

In class activities

Number tournament: Draw randomly 4 digits and combine all these digits using standard operations to make 24 (using each number once only). 

Draw randomly 4 numbers and combine all these numbers to make another randomly drawn number.

Have students explain their methods.

Math problems 

Math enthusiasts from 3rd to 5th grade, click here

Math in Nature Project
Do you know why Number Pi is so important?
Finding Math in Nature and writing math poetry
Have the students find examples of math in nature. Have them write a Fib!

Math summaries

Have children write a presentation that summarizes their knowledge. The method helps children understand what they know and what they don't. Have them connect what they learn in one grade to what they learned earlier. Let them also relate their knowledge in a topic of interest to others. For instance, how to apply a math skill to a problem in biology. This exercise teaches synthesis skills. Here are examples.


What are the different types of numbers