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Welcome to LABEL Kids

Who we are


The Los Angeles Behavioral Economics Laboratory (LABEL) at the University of Southern California (USC), is a research center dedicated to research on decision-making. We are currently partnering with schools in Los Angeles to conduct experiments investigating decision-making mechanisms during childhood and adolescence. We also implement programs to support educational activities in our partner schools. 


Other educational web resources by our group:

LABEL Parents & Teachers Room: Find information about child development and behavioral challenges throughout childhood and adolescence.

LABEL for teens: Designed for teenagers, it covers college preparation and it provides information on STEM topics in the form of educational projects conducted by LABEL faculty and students (high school to post-doc). They can be used as class material, material for projects or school clubs. The site also offers crash courses at AP+/undergraduate levels.

What is the Little Experimentalists Program?


The  Little Experimentalists Program is an educational program that brings STEM-related academic activities to schools that partner with us. 


LABEL kids provides online resources for teachers and parents of students who are currently attending elementary school. 

What to find on this site?

  • Web resources on STEM activities that can be conducted at school or at home. 

  • Finalized projects on selected topics, realized by kids and students in our lab. Some have been implemented in schools. Feel free to read, replicate or use as a basis for your own projects!

  • Math Kangaroo preparation material (for registered students)

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