Algorithmic for children



The following computing challenges can be done at home for fun


Concours Castor (version Française)

Bebras challenge (English version)


Learning how to code

  • Scratch from MIT: Information for parents can be found here.

    • Scratch: Learn how to create animations and games and share online (age 8-16)

    • ScratchJr: a simplified Scratch (ages 5 to 8)

  • Swift from Apple: try SwiftPlayground, the version adapted for beginners. It is suitable for children (and adults) with no coding knowledge.

  • Python: python is a simple and widely used programming language that children can learn at a young age.

The language your child learns does not matter. Coding is about learning how to make algorithms and those have the same structure across all programming languages. And, coding teaches your child how to think and how to plan.