An organic relationship with Math
We need mathematical and logical thinking to understand our world. Many mathematical concepts that seem abstract in the first place have organic relationships with our environment. One example is Number Pi. Everyday observation also helps us find Math in Nature and we can even write math poetry

A world of microbes

There are many types of microbes, they differ on how pathogenic they are. An important category is bacteria.


Pathogenic microbes cause harm. Pandemics have been present throughout history. They have been brought by many different pathogens. The new Coronavirus causing COVID-19 is spreading and is still not well understood. In the meantime, we need to make decisions based on estimates of the basic reproduction number R0 and the fatality rate. What are they and how are they estimated

Understanding addiction
Understanding how does the brain work is critical to understanding how we process information and how we make decisions. The brain has many different functions.
Important to what we do everyday is cognitive control, a function that helps regulate our emotions and makes us reason. Understanding the neural mechanisms that underly our choices can tell us why we like to take risks (or not), why we repeat behavior, why we can become addict even if we are aware of the consequences, or how drugs affect our behavior.